Say Goodbye to Trash Can Odors with Bubble Binz – Best of Southern Utah Winner!

Say Goodbye to Stinky Trash Cans with Bubble Binz

Protect Your Health: Dirty trash cans harbor dangerous bacteria like salmonella, listeria, and E. coli.

Expert Cleaning: Bubble Binz uses a powerful 3,500-psi pressure washer and high-temperature water to eliminate germs and odors.

Eco-Friendly: Our process uses only 5% of the water compared to DIY cleaning, with no mess left behind.

Convenient Service: For just $19.99 a month, we clean your cans right after trash pickup, every four weeks.

No Hassle: Leave your bins at the curb, receive text reminders, and enjoy automatic billing.

Pest Control Add-On: Get pest control for only $24.99 along with your bin cleaning.

Award-Winning Service: Voted gold in the garbage can cleaning category by Best of Southern Utah voters.

Join Us: Make Southern Utah and Mesquite cleaner and odor-free. Sign up at today!

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