Remove Fridge Gunk: Easy Cleaning Tips

“It might be tempting to simply kick that dropped ice cube or stray piece of pasta under the fridge. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind — and how much harm could a little bit of debris actually do? A lot, as it turns out. Keeping your kitchen clean is an important part of preventing any unwanted germs near where you prepare food.

Built-up dust and debris could affect the coils of the fridge, which means the appliance could get clogged up, and you have to work harder to keep your food fresh. This extra effort could cost your household more money in energy bills, and the appliance could fail faster than it would otherwise.

Cleaning behind the fridge may not be the easiest task, since you’ll need to move the whole appliance, but it is a necessary one to ensure the longest lifespan for your fridge. In general, underneath and behind the fridge should get a deep clean twice a year. This involves moving the fridge out of its usual spot in your kitchen so that you can adequately clear out all the dust and remove any lost objects from underneath.

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Start by cleaning off the coils

Before you begin the deep cleaning process, you’ll want to remove anything that could potentially spoil, since you’ll need to unplug it. These food items can be stored in a cooler full of ice, or in a spare fridge that will stay cold. Once your food has been stored safely, turn off the ice maker and waterline, then remove the power plug. Roll the fridge out from its usual resting place and let the cleaning process begin.

Some refrigerators have a grille to protect the condenser coils. In order to get the deepest clean, this will need to be removed. You can then use your vacuum’s hose attachments to clean out dust that may have collected on the coils.

If there’s any stuck-on dust or debris after vacuuming, those coils may require a deeper cleaning. You can use a can of compressed air to dislodge the blockage, though this could cause dirt to fly around in the air. If you’d prefer to scrub the coils clean, you can use a paintbrush or toothbrush to loosen things up a little more. Then, give the area another quick suction with the vacuum to clear the dust out.

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Clean around the outside of the fridge, too

Once the coils have been cleared, you’ll want to clean out the area surrounding the fridge to prevent any of that dust from clinging to the coils again. Spray the walls, cabinets, and sides of the fridge with an all-purpose kitchen cleaning spray to sanitize them and loosen any stuck-on particles. Use a sponge or cleaning rag to wipe it all down.

You’ll want to clean off the floor before you roll the fridge back into place, too. A quick vacuum will remove any loose dust, but make sure you use a floor cleaner or mop to cleanse the space thoroughly. If there is anything stuck to the floor, be sure to carefully pry it off before cleaning.

Once your fridge and the surrounding area have been thoroughly cleaned, you can roll it back into place and plug it back in. Then, turn on your ice maker and waterline, and enjoy using your newly cleaned kitchen appliance.”


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