How to Fill Car Wash Brush with Soap?

If you’re perusing this article, it’s evident that you value the proper care of your car. Professional car wash services can accumulate to a substantial sum over a year, constituting an avoidable expense. But fret not, as I’ve devised an ideal remedy for you.

Within this article, I will present the comprehensive manual on effectively loading a car wash brush with soap. This will enable you to economize and still bestow your car with a regal appearance. Prepare to enhance your car’s radiance through these meticulous guidelines.

So, fasten your seatbelts, for we’re embarking on an informative journey!

Types of Car wash brush

Do you recall the hose brushes our fathers used for car washes? These brushes have now evolved, incorporating a convenient soap dispensing feature that automates the soap application, significantly simplifying the task at hand.

Your primary shift should involve acquiring a professional car wash brush. We’ll delve into various kinds of car wash brushes equipped with soap dispensing mechanisms, because let’s face it, brushes lacking this feature are rendered ineffective.

There exist three noteworthy variations of soap dispensing brushes:

  1. Brush Head: This version provides the bristle segment of the brush along with a handle for you to grasp, enabling you to cleanse with precision and substantial pressure.
  2. Telescopic Hose Brush: Resembling conventional broom brushes, these possess extended handles that can reach high places where manual reach is insufficient. While not as precise as brush heads, they excel in terms of efficiency.
  3. Rotating Brush: Elevating the cleaning process to a higher technological level, rotating car wash brushes deploy a constant-speed rotation of bristles. This innovation ensures your vehicle receives an unparalleled level of cleaning.

So, consider these options for a more effective and convenient car washing experience.

How To Fill Car Wash Brush With Soap?

Mastering the art of effectively loading your flow-through car wash brush kit with soap is paramount, as the outdated method of soaking bristles before car washing is being replaced by the innovative flow-through system. Knowing how to properly fill a car wash brush with soap is now more relevant than ever with the introduction of this new technology. I’ve devised a straightforward four-step guide to aid you in this process, enabling you to swiftly load your brush with liquid and activate the automated dispensing system seamlessly.

Step 1: Prepare Your Liquid Soap
Start by preparing your liquid soap. This can be done by combining warm water, a cup of liquid dishwashing detergent, and 12 tablespoons of powdered laundry detergent in a bowl. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase liquid soap from a supermarket, saving both time and potentially money.

Step 2: Open the Dispensing Pit
Though the process of opening the dispensing pit might appear perplexing, it’s actually quite simple. Gently rotate the uniquely shaped plastic situated at the center of the brush head to the left. About 6-7 gradual turns are required to fully unlock the pit. Exercise caution while unlocking the plastic, as a delicate plastic paper underneath is integral to the brush’s functionality.

Step 3: Pour the Liquid
With your prepared liquid soap at hand, gradually pour it into the now-opened pit. Be mindful not to overfill, which could lead to spills.

Step 4: Secure and Prepare for Use
After the pouring task is completed, reattach the plastic. Pay close attention to the attached plastic paper. Commence by carefully inserting the plastic paper, followed by securing the uniquely shaped plastic. Once in position, rotate it rightward until it’s securely fastened.

Keep in mind that you can regulate the liquid flow by turning the uniquely shaped plastic to the left by a turn or two. As you rotate it leftwards, the liquid flow intensifies, resulting in a greater soap dispense for your vehicle’s cleaning. Adjust it according to your preference and relish the advantages of automated cleaning.

How Do You Use A Flow Through Car Wash Brush?

To effectively utilize a flow-through car wash brush, connect it to your garden hose. Initiate water flow by activating the hose, and remember to deactivate water flow at the other hose end. This ensures that water exclusively passes through the brush rather than dispersing aimlessly.

Once these steps are complete, proceed to gently move the car wash brush across the intended surface area. Maintain a consistent supply of water to keep the bristles damp, preventing premature drying. This technique facilitates the removal of dirt, grime, and pollutants from your vehicle without risking any potential damage.

Is It Worth Using A Car Wash Brush With Soap Dispenser?

Absolutely, utilizing it is highly recommended. Why pass up the opportunity to employ an advanced system that streamlines your tasks? The advantages undoubtedly outweigh any disadvantages across the board.

The flow-through brush provides superior soap control and efficiency. No longer must you wait for an extended period for your traditional broom to absorb soap prior to usage or to drain it afterward.

While it might entail a slightly higher cost compared to a conventional broom brush, consider it an investment. For a modest expense, you can conserve valuable time and effort significantly.


I have confidence that my explanation about how to correctly fill a car wash brush with soap was thorough. With those four essential steps, you can now easily pour soap into the brush. If you’re currently using conventional brushes, I wholeheartedly recommend switching to this soap-dispensing professional car wash brush.

Of all the brush options out there, my personal preference lies with the rotating brush. It eradicates the necessity for manual hand movements – just position it over the area needing cleaning, and it manages the task effortlessly.


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