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During the previous weekend, I occasionally witnessed my neighbor’s persistent endeavors to pressure wash the siding of his second-story house. Remarkably, he was trying to accomplish this from ground level, and what’s even more astounding is that he was doing so without making use of an 24 ft telescoping pressure washer wand

Happened Things in 3 steps:

During his determined attempts, he positioned himself on a trailer, hoping that the additional two feet of elevation would enhance the water pressure’s ability to remove the accumulated grime. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed as the pressure fell short.

Although he seemed mindful of the risks, he took a child’s picnic table and placed it on the trailer, attempting to gain an extra foot in height to reach the dirty siding. However, this still left him five feet away from the target. Given that he was using a 1800 PSI electric pressure washer, he needed to get even closer to achieve the desired effect.

After making some modifications in his workshop, he reappeared about 10 minutes later with a contraption resembling an extension wand. Yet, his efforts took an unexpected turn when he turned on the water, only to discover that it leaked profusely, resulting in even less pressure than that of a garden hose.

Amidst my laughter, he turned towards me with a wide grin and declared, “I’m heading to Home Depot to get an extension wand.”

Are you confronted with the task of pressure washing a two or three-story home? Perhaps you need to clean a shed roof or tackle the challenge of washing an RV that’s difficult with a standard pressure washer. Well, you’re in luck – all of these cleaning endeavors become effortless with the assistance of a telescoping extension wand for your pressure washer.

Benefits =Pressure Washer Extension Wand

  1. Attain elevated cleaning without elevation: The core benefit of utilizing a pressure washer extension wand revolves around safety. The need to climb ladders or occupy elevated platforms to reach high areas becomes unnecessary. This approach effectively eliminates potential hazards associated with falls from heights. When successfully reducing such a significant risk, it’s an unequivocal victory.
  2. Conduct gutter maintenance at ground level: A primary use of a power washer extension wand is effectively cleaning windows and surfaces on the second story. Closely trailing in popularity, it’s also extensively employed for gutter cleaning from ground level. This task necessitates a hook-style attachment, simplifying the process of gutter cleaning remarkably.

Telescoping Extension Wands Types

Fiberglass Telescoping Wands

This category covers the more budget-friendly variety of extension wands. Characterized by their lightweight nature and cost-effectiveness, fiberglass wands are designed for use with cold water only. Importantly, they tend to display significant flexibility when fully extended. Caution is advised during their use. Frequent evaluation of the wand’s extension is recommended to prevent any unexpected incidents, particularly when undertaking tasks like reaching the eaves of a third-story structure.

Aluminum Telescoping Extension Wands

Representing the high-end selection, aluminum wands stand as the preferred choice for professionals. These wands provide enhanced sturdiness, albeit at the expense of greater weight and a higher price tag in comparison to fiberglass alternatives. Notably, they possess the advantage of compatibility with hot water power washers. Many contractors opt to combine their aluminum wands with support belts to mitigate the weight load, ensuring comfortable usage during prolonged periods of work.

Telescoping vs. Threaded Attachment

When discussing pressure cleaner extension wands, you’ll come across two primary types: telescoping and those necessitating assembly through screwing to achieve extended reach. The telescoping variety enjoys higher popularity in both professional and residential applications.

Support Belt

A support belt proves invaluable in mitigating a portion of the extension wand’s weight and counteracting the torque generated by the forceful high-pressure water expelled from the tip. These belts are fashioned with a pocket affixed to a specialized belt, empowering you to effectively utilize leverage for providing essential support against these potent forces.

Best 24 ft telescoping pressure washer wand

E-Turn Services- Pressure Washer Wand Belt


VERSATILE – Compatible with all major pressure washer telescoping wands (such as General Pump, BE, MTM, etc.) ✔ HIGH QUALITY – Our belt stands apart from competitors due to its premium construction. Crafted from high-quality nylon fabric, featuring large and sturdy buckles, and equipped with a soft cushion lining for optimal functionality and comfort.

SAFETY FIRST – Utilizing this product effectively diminishes strain on your neck, back, and arms, thereby reducing the risk of injuries and enabling extended usage. ✔ EASY USE – The belt swiftly secures around your waist and drapes over your shoulder with simplicity. It effortlessly attaches to any telescoping wand through the adjustable metal clamp. (Refer to the instruction sheet for further guidance)

ADJUSTABLE – Recognizing that people come in various sizes and weights, the telescoping wand belt is adaptable from the waist (up to 47 inches) and across the shoulders (up to 47 inches), offering customization according to your body.

JANZ 16” Surface Cleaner and 24 FT Wand Pro


ANZ Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner
Ideal for thoroughly cleansing expansive, even surfaces such as driveways, patios, decks, and sidewalks.
Enhanced with dual high-pressure rotating jets, this unit ensures rapid, streak-free cleaning, enabling you to complete your pressure washing tasks with remarkable efficiency.

Telescoping Wand– Featuring a 5-stage design, this telescoping wand empowers you to cleanse areas up to 24 feet in height without requiring a ladder. Equipped with 3 extension wands, it effortlessly reaches soffits, fascia, siding, and gutters from ground level.

Surface Cleaner– When paired with a power washer, the JANZ surface cleaner offers a commercial-grade cleaning span of 16 inches wide. Perfect for tackling stubborn stains on expansive, level surfaces like driveways, patios, decks, and sidewalks.

Accessory– This comprehensive kit includes 5 extension wands, 10 spray nozzle tips, a pivoting coupler, and 2 inlet adapters designed for various hoses. Additionally, a support belt is provided to conserve physical effort during use.

Useful Kit- Whether it’s stubborn grime or hard-to-reach areas, the combination of the surface cleaner and telescoping wand in this kit is exceptionally versatile, making it ideal for a wide range of cleaning tasks.


Advanced Design – Our surface cleaner boasts a cutting-edge nozzle system that’s both simple to detach and maintain.
Thoughtful Inclusion – Attached 0-degree spray nozzle tips facilitate cleaning in areas that are typically challenging for standard surface cleaners to access

3.Selkie 120inch Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Extension Wand



Selkie pressure washers prove to be the ultimate solution for external home cleaning, offering nearly 80% water savings compared to traditional garden hoses, while delivering significantly greater power. When addressing high areas that are challenging to access, a telescoping pressure washer wand attachment becomes an invaluable aid, enhancing both effectiveness and convenience.

This extendable item comprises 9 distinct pieces that can be easily attached to match your specific cleaning requirements. With each part contributing 15 inches, the wand can be extended up to 97 inches. This versatility allows you to pair the product with various cleaning brushes, nozzles, water brooms, undercarriage cleaners, and surface cleaners. Impressively, it’s equally adept at cleaning windows, siding, shutters, and more.

The parts seamlessly connect to ensure user-friendly operation. Furthermore, the design boasts minimal likelihood of leaks. While the initial water pressure might pose a slight challenge in terms of control, you’ll swiftly adapt.


  • Comes with 9 easily connectable pieces: Offers exceptional adaptability to different cleaning needs.
  • Ideal for tackling elevated spaces: Perfect for windows, shutters, and similar high surfaces.
  • Leak-free performance: Ensures a hassle-free cleaning experience.


Crafted for use with a 4000 PSI pressure washer gun, this wand stands as the optimal choice for cleaning a range of surfaces, including your driveway, walkway, deck, roof, and even your car with soap

Included in this package are 5 distinct nozzle tips to cater to varied cleaning needs: a Black Brass soap nozzle, a Red Stainless Steel Nozzle Tip (0 Degree), a Yellow Stainless Steel Nozzle Tip (15 Degree), a Green Stainless Steel Nozzle Tip (25 Degree), and a White Stainless Steel Nozzle Tip (40 Degree). The curved wand design enhances cleaning efficiency, effectively reaching and cleaning even those hard-to-reach dead angles.


1. How does the Selkie pressure washer compare to traditional garden hoses in terms of water usage and power?

The Selkie pressure washer offers a significant advantage, providing almost 80% water savings when contrasted with conventional garden hoses, all while delivering notably greater power for effective cleaning.

2. Can the Selkie telescoping pressure washer wand attachment effectively tackle high and challenging areas?

Absolutely. The telescoping pressure washer wand attachment from Selkie is a valuable tool for reaching and cleaning high and challenging areas. Its adaptability enhances both efficiency and convenience, making it an excellent choice for various cleaning tasks.

3. How adaptable is the Selkie 120inch Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Extension Wand?

The Selkie 120inch Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Extension Wand boasts impressive adaptability. With its 9 easily connectable pieces, it can be tailored to match your specific cleaning requirements. Each part contributes 15 inches, allowing the wand to extend up to 97 inches, making it versatile for various applications like cleaning brushes, nozzles, water brooms, undercarriage cleaners, surface cleaners(What surfaces can be pressure washed), windows, siding, and shutters. The seamless connections and minimal likelihood of leaks further enhance its user-friendly operation. While controlling initial water pressure might require a short adjustment period, you’ll soon become accustomed to it.


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